The Result from the Spring Dan Examination

On Sunday the 26th of March the Federation held this year’s spring Dan Examination. Two kenshi took the test, Heike van Doesburg, Göteborg Shibu, for 2 Dan and Hanna Svedberg, Stockholm Södra Shibu, for 3 Dan. Apart from the written homework that was handed in before the the actual grading there was a one hour written test followed by an intensive technical test that this time took about 2,5 hours.

Both Heike and Hanna performed very well in the grading and was passed by a good margin. A big congratulation to them both!

Heike and Hanna after their successful grading

Heike and Hanna after their successful grading


The examiners this time was all of the technical committee’s members Anders Pettersson, Leif Kekonius and Alex Tilly.

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