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Shorinji Kempo 40 years in the UK

On the weekend of August 2nd to 3rd there was a big celebration that Shorinji Kempo have been practised in the UK for 40 years and the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation was represented by Anders Pettersson 6 dan and Alex Tilly 5 dan. On the Saturday there was a demonstration at the Shaw Theatre as well as commemorative dinner to celebrate the 40 year of Shorinji Kempo in the UK. On the Sunday there was a full day of excellent training with several senior instructors like Aosaka-sensei 8 dan, Kawashima-sensei 7 dan, Mukaida-sensei 7 dan, Idoie-sensei 7 dan as well as some additional younger instructors from hombu. The training session had participants from the UK, Sweden, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Here is the demonstration that Anders and Alex made at the Shaw Theatre in conjunction with the festivities.

Visby Summer Gasshuku

Intensive technical trainingThree days of intense training with Aosakasensei 8 dan daihanshi and his assistant Didier Camp-sensei 6 dan was one of the summer‘s highlights. Visby Shibu and Stockholm Södra Shibu was the organizers and 60 participants from Sweden, France, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, England and Poland participated. Continue reading

Johan Frendin sensei has passed away

Johan Frendin Johan Frendin sensei, 5th dan sadly passed away early on Monday morning after a long and hard battle with cancer. Johan founded Göteborg Shibu (Gothenburg)  and was for many years one of the driving forces and inspiring practitioners of Swedish Shorinji Kempo. We remember Johan’s great enthusiasm, his humour, self-distance and powerful techniques. Always curious, always open to new perspectives and at the same time confident in his own way. During the long fight against the cancer Johan showed a mental strength so great that all of us around him was amazed. On his way back after the brain surgery Johan practised with such determination and intense persistence that the doctors did not think it was possible. But since the brain is needed to be able to fight and it was this part of his body that was attacked by the cancer we eventually lost our beloved Johan.

You taught us a lot and we will always remember and miss you.

Instructors for the “SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY STUDY SESSION – Sweden 2014” are Finalised

Makino-sensei teaching at a koshukai at hombuWe have just received information from hombu regarding the instructors who will come to our Unity kōshukai (or “SHORINJI KEMPO UNITY STUDY SESSION – Sweden 2014” which is the official name is) in the end of May.

It will be Kiyoshi MAKINO sensei, daihanshi 9 dan, former fuku daihyō (vice-chairperson) of Kongo Zen Shorinji Sohonzan and doin-chō for Nishijin Dōin in Kyoto. Apart from Makino-sensei we will also have Takashi OSAWA sensei, seihanshi 7 dan. Osawa-sensei is betsuin-chō for Tokyo Betsuin, Kongo Zen Shorinji Sohonzan and doin-chō for Shakujii Higashi and Tokyo Otsuka Dōin.

For all details see the calender.

Report on Anders-Sensei’s Nomination to the Swedish Martial Arts Gala

On Thursday the 13th of February Shorinji Kempo Karlstad Shibu had a visit from TV4 Värmland (TV4 is a national channel, but also have regional news), which had picked up on the fact that Anders-sensei has been nominated for the Traditional Practitioner of the Year Award at the 2014 Swedish Martial Arts Gala. The clip was aired in the local news the day after. (clip usually have a short advertisement first)

Here is a translation of what is said in the clip:

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New Shibu-chō in Skövde

Retiring and new Shibu-chō in Skövde, Anders & Peter

Retiring and new Shibu-chō in Skövde, Anders & Peter

The Swedish Federation Board recently sent in the application to WSKO hombu that Peter Thorvald would take over as the new Shibu-chō (Branch Master) in Skövde Shibu after Anders Pettersson.

On January the 28, we got the official letter from WSKO Hombu that Peter Thorvald have been approved by hombu and are now Shibu-chō in Skövde. Anders Pettersson will continue to be Kantoku (coach) for Skövde Shibu.

Congratulations to Peter!

New Official Swedish Translation of the Seiku, Seigan & Shinjō

Makimono (scroll) with dōkun

Makimono (scroll) with dōkun

A few weeks ago a decision to adopt a new official Swedish translation of Seiku, Seigan & Shinjō was taken a the recent board meeting of the Swedish Federation last Sunday the decision was settled. The work on a new translation has been made in connection with the Swedish translation of the Shorinji Kempo Tokuhon, which we hope will go to print relatively soon. Continue reading

Shorinji Kempo Unity Kōshūkai to be held in Bromma

On the 30th of May to the 1st of June will the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation together with Shorinji Kempo Bromma Shibu organize a Unity Kōshūkai (study session).

This type of kōshūkai are open to all WSKO Kenshi with 1 kyū or higher. This study session will also include a hōkai course which is needed to become eligible for hōkai ranks.

Instructors for the kōshūkai will be appointed by hombu (headquarters) in Japan and is at this time not yet 100% confirmed.

Details will be posted on the calendar here as they are settled.

One Year in Japan

Viktor perform embu with Miyagawa-sensei at a big embu competition

Viktor perform embu with Miyagawa-sensei at a big embu competition

Viktor, from Stockholm Södra, seikenshi 4th dan, has just returned home after one year of training in Shakujii dōin in Tokyo under the instruction of Sanada-sensei, 7 dan. In the past year in Japan, the training has focused a lot ont kihon, embu and randori. He has also managed to participate in a competition once, done demonstration before a competition, participated in the World Taikai seminar in Osaka and Hombu, and visited several student taikai (competition). Viktor have learned many new things from Sanada-sensei and Miyagawa-sensei, and they have been instructed by Aosaka-sensei in Paris to teach him thoroughly so that he can take these experiences with him back home to Sweden and contribute to the development of Shorinji Kempo.
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