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Johan Frendin sensei has passed away

Johan Frendin Johan Frendin sensei, 5th dan sadly passed away early on Monday morning after a long and hard battle with cancer. Johan founded Göteborg Shibu (Gothenburg)  and was for many years one of the driving forces and inspiring practitioners of Swedish Shorinji Kempo. We remember Johan’s great enthusiasm, his humour, self-distance and powerful techniques. Always curious, always open to new perspectives and at the same time confident in his own way. During the long fight against the cancer Johan showed a mental strength so great that all of us around him was amazed. On his way back after the brain surgery Johan practised with such determination and intense persistence that the doctors did not think it was possible. But since the brain is needed to be able to fight and it was this part of his body that was attacked by the cancer we eventually lost our beloved Johan.

You taught us a lot and we will always remember and miss you.

Gasshuku in Dinkelscherben

Aosaka-sensei throws Anders PetterssonDuring the weekend of September 23 to 25 the German Federation organised a gasshuku (training camp) in Dinkelscherben in southern Germany (near Augsburg, where a number of the German branches are located).

Aosaka-sensei, 8 dan Daihanshi and official WSKO instructor, from Paris was the main instructor for this gasshuku. From Karlstad, and as the only one from Sweden, I was attending this gasshuku. In addition to the participants from all the German branches  there were participants from Italy, Switzerland, Finland and of course France, with Aosaka-sensei.

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Sandan Examination

During the summer gasshuku (training camp) that recently was held in Visby there was also a Dan examination.

Sandan examination, Johan Mjöberg and Magnus Gustafsson.Johan Mjöberg and Magnus Gustafsson, both from Stockholms Studenters Shibu, took their test for Sandan (3 dan). Examiner were  Anders Pettersson, assisted by Stefan Jönson Levin.

The written homework was done before the camp, and on Friday July 8 it was time for the one hour written test followed by the technical test which took about two hours. Both Johan and Magnus did very well in terms of both theory and techniques, both were both tired and satisfied afterwards.

Congratulations to our new Sandan kenshi.

Shodan Examination in Visby

On June 12 there was a shodan examination in Visby. Examiners were Alexander Tilly, Seikenshi 4 dan from Stockholm Södra and Stefan Jönsson Levin Seikenshi 4 dan from Visby. Those who tested were Eva Soderberg, Pontus Jacobsson, Åsa Forsberg, and Ann Forsberg, who all passed the test for Shodan.

Shodan examination in Visby, to the far left is Alex Tilly who was one of the examiners, and then the four happy new shodan.The picture shows how happy and satisfied they were after their successful grading. Both the examiners were also very pleased with what the four performed at the test.

Åke Olsson (till vänster) tillsammans med Alex Tilly som gratulerade Åke till hans gradering.

Åke passed his test for 5 Dan

During the weekend of 4-5 of June was the previously reported European Taikai in Shorinji Kempo held in Monaco, where Sweden was very successful and winning the category for sandan and above.

This weekend there was also a seminar and hombu organised gradings to 4th and 5th dan. Gradings to 4th dan and above are normally only held at Hombu in Japan, but at certain seminar and events where there are representatives from Hombu, it sometimes are opportunities for gradings to 4th and 5th dan.

From Sweden Åke Olsson, shibu-chō in Karlstad studenter shibu, had received permission to take his test for 5th dan. Continue reading

Gasshuku for Children in Gothenburg

Group picture from the gasshukuDuring the weekend of May 7th to 8th there was a gasshuku (training camp) for children in Gothenburg.
It was the first time ever that it was a training camp that was only for children. The arrangement was that we started at lunchtime on Saturday in order for everyone to have time to travel to Gothenburg on Saturday morning. Then there were a number of hours of exercise followed by a much appreciated visit to the amusement park Liseberg.
Sunday had training in the morning and the finish was scheduled for lunch so everyone could get home in reasonable time on Sunday.

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Arnaud new Shibu-cho in Gothenburg

On the 21st of January, it was formally approved by WSKO hombu that Arnaud Tiquet is the new shibu-cho in Gothenburg.

Arnaud takes over the position after Martin Allerby, who has handled the the task as shibu-cho ina very good way for several years. Martin has moved to Stockholm and although he often is in Gothenburg in his work he can not find the time to continue as shibu-cho. Because of this he decided to hand over the task to Arnaud Tiquet at the new year and now it is also approved from Japan. Continue reading

Four New Shodan

Saturday, December 11 there was a dan examination in Gothenburg, after about three hours the technical exam was completed and everyone was really tired. Acting as examiners was Gothenburg’s shibu-cho Martin Allerby as well as Anders Pettersson from Karlstad. Those who tested to junkenshi Shodan was Andreas Laestadius and Fredrik Fall, both from Göteborg (Gothenburg) Shibu, Peter Thorvald from Skövde Shibu and Erik Öhrn from Karlstad Shibu.

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