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Aosaka sensei to Visby!

Aosaka-senseiWe are proud to announce that Aosaka-sensei, daihanshi 8 dan, daigi (representative) of Shorinji Kempo Group European Office, Chief Instructor of France, legendary master and one of the most prominent practitioners of Shorinji Kempo, is coming to next years summer gasshuku (training camp) in Visby, Gotland, Sweden.

The gasshuku will be held between 24th and 27th of July, it will be open to all grades, we will organise an embu competition and we expect participants from all over Europe. The seminar is arranged by Visby Shibu, Stockholm Södra Shibu and the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation in cooperation. Save these dates and wait for more information.

Seminar in Visby 4-7th July

Welcome to this years anual seminar in the medieval town of Visby, on the island of Gotland. The seminar will take place between thursday 4th of July and Sunday 7th of July. More details about costs, instructors, schedule and more will come later from arranging branchmaster Stefan Jönsson-Levin. We usually mix intensive training with picnics in the sun, paintball (!) and dinners in ancient dungeons.

Veteran Seminar nr 7

The seventh “Veteran Seminar” was held on Saturday in Södra’s dojo. Many of those who practiced long in Swedish Shorinji Kempo came together to coach each other, work together and to socialize. We worked with the curriculums to 4th and 5th dan, went through things from the “Master Training” in Provence that sensei Aosaka showed, we practiced randori (sparring), went through explosiveness exercises and finished it all with a little seiho (akupressurmassage). A successful day, however, went very quickly!

Yudansha gasshuku with Juha Utriainen sensei 5th dan, 8-9 dec

Stockholm Södra Shibu hereby invites the yudansha of the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation to a weekend gasshuku for yudansha, black belts, with Juha Utriainen 5 dan.
The focus will be on applications of techniques in self-defense situations – ryaku .
The number of participants is limited to 25 persons since we will be in Södra’s dojo in Stockholm, therefore those who register first..
We will give exact costs soon, but estimates that it will land at about 500 kr for the training.
Alexander Tilly, 4 day will be assistant instructor.

Alex Tilly appointed national team coach

Stockholm Södras Chief Instructor Alex Tilly, was appointed national team coach last week by the Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation. The Board has given him the task of designing both his own role and the criteria for inclusion in the national team. It is only now that a more formal national team is created. Previously it has been more loosely connected and up to each individual to plan their own training.

The first major goal is the World Taikai in Osaka, Japan, on 25 August 2013. But Alex also hope that the initiative will inspire practitioners from branches all over Sweden and contribute to the development of Shorinji Kempo in the country. The position is timely when Alex is focusing his professional career as a psychologist towards sports psychology.

Alex Tilly, 4th dan, 7-fold Swedish Champion and reigning European Champion.